Desktop app for Ethereum 2.0 validators

Run one or multiple validators on your PC with additional statistics and monitoring. Non custodial solution that doesn't require cloud hosting.

Supported by

Moloch DAO
Ethereum Foundation

Desktop application

Run your validator like you run your everyday app. With graphical interface, you are only a few clicks away.

Statistics and monitoring

Track your staking performance. The more you know, the better your validator could perform.

Beacon node wrapped

You can run your own beacon chain node from the app. It runs in the background as a Docker container.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for ChainGuardian?

    ChainGuardian has minimal requirements for running the app, it’s similar to Google Chrome. However, if you plan to run local beacon node please check Lighthouse requirements.

  • What do I need to start using ChainGuardian?

    ChainGuardian doesn’t offer creating keys and deposit as we recommend to use audited official process Launchpad. Create your keys there first and make the deposit. Also, make sure to have prepared an eth1 node.

  • How does ChainGuardian support eth1 node?

    ChainGuardian can connect only to an existing node like Infura or that you either host on your own locally or remotely. Only an URL is needed.

  • Does ChainGuardian support using Infura as an eth1 node?

    Yes although we don’t recommend it. In case Infura goes down, a lot of validators won’t be working and you could get slashed with a higher amount.

  • How are my private keys stored?

    Private keys are encrypted using a password that you entered and stored encrypted only on your PC.
    Directory path is:

    • %APPDATA% on Windows
    • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config on Linux
    • ~/Library/Application Support on macOS

  • Which beacon node and validator clients are supported in ChainGuardian?

    Currently we use Lighthouse as a beacon node and Lodestar as a validator client. We plan to add support for others as well.

  • Which networks are supported?

    We currently support testnet (Pyrmont) only as we are still in the beta phase.


ChainGuardian is a desktop client for Eth2 validators. Still in development by NodeFactory.

About Ethereum 2.0 staking

If you are new to this, check the official website and read more about it.